Man Booker Prize 2011

It’s been ages since we’ve posted anything. Hopefully we’ll be out of our summer rut pretty soon.

The Short list for the Man Booker Prize are out and there are some interesting titles. The Sisters Brothers, in particular, sounds fascinating: Continue reading

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حملة المدونين ضد الانترنت المحدود في دولة الكويت

قررت انا وبعض من الاخوه والأخوات المدونين الكويتيين القيام بحملة ضد الانترنت المحدود , وبما انه زمن الثورات قررنا القيام بثورة انترنتية ضد الانترنت المحدود تحت حجة “الاستخدام العادل ” فنحن المدونين نرفض رفضا تاما القيام بمثل هذه الممارسات اللتي تسلب من المشترك او المستخدم حرية استخدام للانترنت بالشكل المتعارف عليه في كل دول العالم , نحن ندفع في الكويت اسعار خيالية من اجل توفير خدمة انترنت ذات استحدام عادل بكل ماتحمله الكلمة من معنى , فالأستخدام العادل معناه ان يكون الانترنت غير محدود وغيرد مقيد بحجم ما , ولايجب ان افوت الفرصه للحديث عن ارتفاع اسعار الانترنت في دولة الكويت , فالاسعار هنا فعلا خيالية ومبالغ فيها , والمقابل خدمة محدوده جدا وغير غادلة للاسف نحن في زمن الانترنت وفي عام ٢٠١١ لايكاد يوجد شخص في الكويت الا ويستخدم الانترنت , وقد دخل الانترنت في جميع الاشياء سواء الهواتف النقالة والكمبيوترات وحتى الاتصالات اليومية والمراسلات بين الاشخاص , فمن هنا نعلن نحن المدونين الكويتيين عن رفضنا القطعي والتام لما يسمى بالانترنت المحدود

هذا الهاش تاق خاص بالحملة على تويتر #q8cap


ونحن أيضا ندعم هذه الحملة ضد ما تفعله شركات الانترنت لشكل غير عادل تجاه المستخدم. وضع كبح على الداونلود في وقتنا الحالي حيث أصبح معظم تخزين المعلومات على سيرفرات واقترب زمن السي دي والدي في دي على الانتهاء هو شيء لا يقبله عاقل.


المدونة الرسمية للحملة

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Book Review: Mapp & Lucia

Cover of "Miss Mapp"

Cover of Miss Mapp

As the spirit of summer is upon us, I decided to write about a suitably light-hearted book; who would want to spend their first days of freedom reading a tragedy? Let Mapp and Lucia ease your mind and cheer you up. This is a series written by E.F. Benson and is composed of 6 stories:

  • Queen Lucia (1920)
  • Miss Mapp (1922)
  • Lucia in London (1927)
  • Mapp and Lucia (1931)*
  • Lucia’s Progress (1935)
  • Trouble for Lucia (1939)

Continue reading

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Game of Thrones (TV Series)

First, I know we haven’t been posting much (almost never :P) but we haven’t forgotten about the blog, it’s just on the back burner right now until we’re done with our finals. Hopefully KU will be kind enough to give us the summer off so we can resume working on the blog (and having lives :P)

I know I’ve posted many many times about Game of Thrones, but really it deserves to be lauded. Even for the spoiled book-reader, the series is so outstanding and gripping, it manages to never be dull. God I envied those who saw it with fresh eyes! I’m dropping the rest of the books until I watch future seasons (I’ll try anyway) Continue reading

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That Al Salasil TV Commercials #WIN

I loved them =)

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Video: A Game of Thrones

Winter is coming!………….. to your TVs! The TV adaptation for A Game of Thrones, which we reviewed a while back, is premiering April 17. HBO has released a 14-minute preview in anticipation of the premier and it looks awesome.

Official Website

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Bookstores: Better Books

Just to Update you all, Better Books is open and now they have a facebook page too. We’ve been wanting to go there for ages but something always came up; hopefully we’ll finally visit them this week.


Also, we recently recieved this email from them:

News from Better Books and Cafe – Kuwait’s only used bookstore and cafe (don’t miss the contest!):

  • Collectible and Rare Books for Sale: 10 KD – 300 KD to include The Arab of the Desert by H.R. Dickson and 40 Years in Kuwait by Violet Dickson. Also, a book signed by President John F. Kennedy.
  • Return Policy: Return a book bought from us and get 1/2 purchase price back in store credit for your next purchase. Read, return and save.
  • Book Buying Policy: We give store credit for most books. Bring them in for evaluation.
  • Hours/Phone/Location: 10am-8 pm daily. Cell 66637351. Behind Al Rashid Hospital.
  • Directions:
Take 4th Ring Road to Salmiya
Past Highway 30
Past Fire Station on Right
At light – Amman Street – take right
through next light
See Al Rashid Hospital on Left
At Roundabout take a U-turn
Now see attached map
Look for RED/ORANGE door (photo attached)


    Desert Pioneers Club 2nd and 4th Tuesday 7.15 – 9.05 pm
    Timbre Talkers 1st and 3rd Tuesday 7.15 – 9.05 pm
    Capitol Speakers 1st and 3rd Saturday 6.30 – 8.30 pm
    Bright Horizons 2nd and 4th Friday 9.30 – 11 am.

  • GAVEL CLUB MEETINGS Every Friday Night 5.30 – 7.30 pm.
  • In April, there will be  Healing, Meditation, and Reiki classes at Better Books. Email or call 99315825 for more details.
  • Better Books is now on FACEBOOK!  Click THIS and like us!
  • Better Books sells 1 KD books on FREE DELIVERY
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